By Lisa Shumate

The Book

Guidance for Young Adults

There are more than 45 million men and women in their 20’s, trying to figure out this important phase of their lives. Striking out on their own for the first time, they face a period of self-discovery and self-doubt. In “Always and Never,” Lisa Shumate shares timeless advice that will always matter.

Practicing these 20 truths will build a strong foundation for the future, and set a high standard for your life and relationships. This book and companion journal will help guide, inform, and inspire you to realize your dreams and potential.

Article provided by: Contemporary Music Center

Drum Lessons Chantilly

Drum Lessons Chantilly

Is your child wild about rhythm? As a toddler, did he or she drag pots and pans out of the cupboard and bang on them with wooden spoons? Do they now make a drum out of every flat surface they can find? Your child may have natural talent for percussion. If you would like to see your kid focus that talent on something constructive, drum lessons in Chantilly might be an ideal endeavor.

An excellent drums and percussion instructor such as our own Rocky Cancelose will teach your budding drummer everything they need to know about theory and technique. There is a lot more to drumming than just bashing skins with sticks. Drum lessons in Chantilly or at our Haymarket location will provide your child with a solid foundation in music theory and sight reading. There is a proper way to set up a drum kit and a right way to hold the sticks. Improvisation is a lot of fun, but a good teacher will take the time to show the student the things it takes to perform charted music with an ensemble or band, as well. Drum lessons in Chantilly or at our Haymarket studio will teach the dedicated drum student about discipline in ways that they may not have known about before.

While playing drums is a lot of fun, there are additional benefits to taking drum lessons in Chantilly or anywhere else. Study after study shows that kids who learn to play an instrument enjoy heightened comprehension in academic subjects such as geometry and mathematics. Drum lessons in Chantilly or anywhere can give a kid a better understanding of themselves and how they fit into the world. Drum lessons in Chantilly or anywhere can make a child more popular with their peers and give them a better foothold into society as a whole. Drum lessons in Chantilly or anywhere can give your kid the skills they need to join the school marching band or a rock and roll combo. You child needs no formal training in order to be accepted at our music academy. To enroll your child in drum lessons in Chantilly, please call 703.817.1000.

Drum Lessons Chantilly

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