Why you Must Pursue Your Passion and How to Start Now

Rediscovering Yourself!

When I read a book I love, it stays with me for years.  It challenges my assumptions and pushes me to a new awareness about being myself. One of those books was “Big Magic,” by Elizabeth Gilbert.   It’s about living a bigger, happier, and more interesting life.  She states, “The universe buries strange jewels deep within us all, and then stands back to see if we can find them.”

I believe discovering or rediscovering passion is all about uncovering our unique and precious hidden jewels.  It is a lifelong source of growth and both a right and privilege to pursue.  Passion can be linked to your career, be about a hobby, interest, or talent that makes you feel fulfilled and more alive.

What have you yearned to do that makes you smile uncontrollably and reconnect with childhood enthusiasm?

What’s Stopping You?

Some people stop pursuing passion because they stop believing in its power.  Maybe they tried a few times, met with discouragement, and passion felt no longer in reach.  Or they think of it as an indulgence. It may not be income-producing, there’s not enough time and a million other excuses.  Inspiration slips further away.  And then there is the fear of failing, shame, and embarrassment.  How did doing something you once enjoyed become a contest or statement of expertise?

Passion does not mean perfection.

Passion is a powerful or compelling emotion.  An extravagant fondness or desire for anything.  So how can it be ignored, pushed down, or abandoned without leaving an empty space in your heart and mind?

There’s a wealth of information at your fingertips, and yet many times, cyberspace takes us down dead-end roads of mindless reactions to passions and pursuits of other people. What if you took a different path that fed your deep need for a worthy pursuit?  By worthy, I mean something that pulls you into being happy-dance excited, develops your gifts in an affirming, life-changing way.

We put most of our time and focus on the transactional aspects of life.  Get a job, shop for food, clothes, housing, transportation.  Where is the essential learning about your uniqueness?  About becoming yourself?

Always Be A Student

There is only one way to start pursuing your passion—with a beginner’s mind. Learning about something you love is a worthwhile journey.  Is there a better way to realize your true self?

Say it out loud.  I love singing.  I want to sing more often.  I want to take lessons so I can appreciate what I love even more.  I want to enjoy it until it leads me to a new passion or pursuit.

A passion for singing could uncover more jewels, more possibilities for the real you to emerge.

Take one step, the first step today.

  1. Spend a few minutes online to kickstart your passion pursuit. Watch a video or listen to a podcast.  Whom can you talk to who also shares your passion? This is an easy way to shake off the cobwebs and imagine new possibilities for happiness.
  2. Make your passion known to key people in your life, and you may find the support you didn’t think would be there.  Conversely, don’t listen to naysayers.  You don’t need permission.
  3. Connect with your passion through social media networks, classes, or by joining a club.

Always Make Time Your Friend

If not now, when?  Time does not happen to us.  It’s a gift.  Embrace the present by making time for your passion each day.

Pursuing your unique precious jewels is its own reward, and it can boost other aspects of your life.

My Valentine’s Day wishes for you is the courage to throw open the door of uncertainty about where passion may lead.  And the conviction that passion left dormant is a greater risk to your well-being.